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His Needs, Her Needs for Parents
Keeping Romance Alive

Marriage Builders® Bookstore: His Needs, Her Needs for Parents Are children a threat to your marriage?

Finding time to laugh together, talk with each other, and enjoy each other's company came easy when it was just the two of you. But then you had children.

Soon all you laughed about was your toddler's antics and all you talked about was your child's latest accomplishments. Quiet dinners and romantic evenings disappeared in the wake of school projects, potty training, and middle-of-the-night feedings. And juggling work, family life, and household errands now leaves you too exhausted to even think at the end of the day.

If marriage and parenting leave you feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. Most couples feel the way you do after children arrive. But don't let the pressures of parenthood ruin your marriage. Don't let the care you give your children prevent you from caring for each other. Instead, keep your marriage healthy -- and your children happy -- by making each other your top priority.

Dr. Willard Harley gives you the tools you need to meet two important goals: staying in love and helping your children thrive. In fact, you'll find the two go hand in hand. Doing what it takes to stay in love with each other will help your children grow up to be happy and successful. And raising children the right way will help you build a love that lasts a lifetime.

Following the pattern of the best-selling His Needs, Her Needs, this book guides both new and seasoned parents through specific, practical steps for raising happy and successful children while sustaining a great marriage. Dr. Harley gives his expert advice on:

  • romance as essential in marriage
  • meeting intimate emotional needs
  • agreeing on values and child-training methods
  • finding time for everything that's important
  • dividing household tasks fairly
  • handling kids with ADHD
  • dealing with intrusive in-laws

It isn't easy to keep a marriage passionate. And with children underfoot it can seem downright impossible. But if you take Dr. Harley's advice, you can have it all -- happy children and a terrific marriage.

Order your copy today!

(2003, Hardcover - 256 pages)

Read Chapter 1

Retail $19.99 - Your Price $14.99 (Save 25%)
His Needs, Her Needs for Parents (Hardcover)
In Stock - Available Now!

Marriage Builders<sup>®</sup>' Bookstore: Arrow Table of Contents of His Needs, Her Needs for Parents

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please call toll free 1-888-639-1639 to place your order.

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