Frequently Asked Question

Why does the Marriage Builders® Online Program cost so much?

The Marriage Builders® Online Program will provide you with a solid, thorough, and clear understanding of how you can create a mutually enjoyable marriage. But that's not all. You will also be provided with a plan of action that converts your new understanding into new habits.

The Marriage Builders® Online Program's primary cost is in it's accountability program. It's like no other. After you've watched the Online Seminar, you will understand how restoring love to your marriage your marriage is actually possible. Then you are guided through a 24 lesson program that helps you put into action what you have learned. And that ensures your success.

Each week, you are e-mailed guidance to help you understand each lesson, and to encourage you to do it. Your personal accountability coach will monitor your progress, and sometimes offer suggestions by e-mail or telepone if she thinks you are failing. And you also have access to a private forum on our web site that allows you to ask Dr. Harley any question you may have regarding difficulties you may be having with a lesson.

When you consider everything that's included in the the Marriage Builders® Online Program you won't wonder why it costs so much. You'll wonder how we can do it for such a low price.

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