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When I first launched this web site in January 1996, I was able to personally answer all e-mail questions that were asked. Some of those questions and my answers appear in the Q&A Columns I've posted. But by the time they had grown to over 50 letters a day, I had to find another way to handle these very important questions.

The solution is our Marriage Builders® Forum. Here you have an opportunity to ask questions, and receive answers, not from me or my staff, but from other visitors who have learned my concepts and want to support you in your effort to improve your marriage. I am not able to review most of the questions and answers (some days there are over 1000), and so I cannot guarantee that I would give the same answer you might receive. But what I have seen has been very encouraging to me. And I've noticed that when someone gives advice that does not agree with my concepts, there are usually those who point out that fact in a string of posts that follow.

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