Marriage Builders® Coaching Center

Although I have designed this web site to help you solve your marital problems without the need of a coach or counselor, sometimes they are necessary. If you think you may need help, be sure to go to my "Articles" section and read, "How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor."

But I also offer an alternative to face-to-face help that may work better for you. Through Marriage Builders®, I have created a telephone coaching service that achieves most of the same objectives as face-to-face help. In the "Coaching Center" section, I have a link to an article I've written, "Does Counseling By Telephone Work?" It is something you may want to consider.

This section shows you how to go about setting up a telephone coaching appointment with us. If you have any questions regarding our coaching process and how it could benefit your situation, please call our toll-free number.

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