Love Busters
Overcoming Habits that Destroy Passion
(A 12 Week Course)

Table of Contents

Session #1: How Love Busters Can Wreck a Marriage
The Road to Marital Disaster | What Are Love Busters?

Session #2: What Is Marital Abuse?
Defining Abuse | Getting to Know Your Giver and Taker
The Three States of Mind in Marriage

Session #3: Selfish Demands
Review of Basic Concepts | Selfish Demands and the Policy of Joint Agreement | Replacing Selfish Demands with Thoughtful Requests

Session #4: Disrespectful Judgments
Disrespect: A Favorite Strategy of Your Taker | Bringing Disrespectful Judgments into the Light of Day | Replacing Disrespectful Judgments with Respectful Persuasion

Session #5: Angry Outbursts
Everything You Do Affects Each Other | Overcoming Angry Outbursts | Demands and Disrespect Won't Get You What You Need

Session #6: Dishonesty
Three Reasons for Radical Honesty in Marriage | Exposing Dishonesty and Understanding Radical Honesty | Overcoming Dishonesty

Session #7: Annoying Behavior
Little Things Can Needlessly Drain Your Love Bank | Overcoming Annoying Habits | Measuring Your Progress

Session #8: Independent Behavior
What's Wrong with a Little Independence? | Overcoming Independent Behavior | Preview of Remaining Lessons

Session #9: Resolving Marital Conflicts I
The Policy of Joint Agreement: The Right Way to Resolve Conflicts | Resolving Conflicts Over Family and Friends
Resolving Conflicts Over Career Choices | Resolving Conflicts Over Financial Decisions
Patience Required to Learn New Negotiating Habits

Session #10: Resolving Marital Conflicts II
Why Are Children So Hard on Marriage? | Resolving Conflicts Over Children | Four Rules for Marriage | Resolving Conflicts Over Sex

Session #11: Restoring Love After Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Infidelity
Addictions and Affairs Must End Before Marriage Can Be Restored | What It Takes to Restore Marriage After Addiction or Infidelity | Important Differences Between Drug and Alcohol Addiction | Quick Review of Plan for Marital Recovery |

Session #12: Building Romantic Love with Care and Time
Care and Time Go Hand in Hand in a Passionate Marriage | Making Time to Stay Emotionally Connected | Remember: Everything You Do Affects Each Other


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