Marriage Builders® Program #3:
The Online Program: Accountability

As motivating as the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar and Home Study Courses are to some couples, there are others who never view the online seminar or open the boxes that contain the courses after they arrive. Or they only complete a few lessons before they become distracted and stop trying to solve their marital problems. And in most of these cases, it's only one spouse that is unmotivated -- he or she does not see the importance or urgency. I call that poorly motivated spouse the "reluctant" spouse, and I have spent most of my career as a marriage counselor working with that person to get on board.

When both spouses are motivated to solve the problems in their marriage, they are usually able to view the online complete the courses with ease and don't need additional help. But for the rest of those who can't seem to find time to do the lessons, we have yet another level of motivation: The Marriage Builders® Online Program.

The Marriage Builders® Online Program is designed to keep you motivated to complete the online seminar and home study courses in the following ways:

1. You are assigned an accountability coach who will guide you through the online seminar and lessons in the home study courses that address your marital goals.

2. Each week we will send by e-mail a survey to document your progress in solving your marital problems.

3. If your survey indicates that you are having problems with any of the lessons, your accountability coach will contact you by telephone to help you overcome those problems.

4. If you have questions or if you need encouragement, you may e-mail or talk to your accountability coach by telephone.

5. Each month, we will evaluate the progress you are making in depositing love units and avoiding their withdrawal by having you complete our Love Bank Inventory. The results will be kept in your permanent file to be revealed to you when the course is completed.

6. If you have a question for me (Dr. Harley) regarding a particular lesson, you may post it on a private section of the Marriage Builders® Forum. I am usually able to respond in about a day. But before you do, read some of the questions that others have posted for that lesson. I may have already answered it.

How to Register for Marriage Builders® Online Program

The cost of the Marriage Builders® Online Program which includes the online seminar, home study courses, and a personal coach to guide you is only $945. If you want to extend the coaching assistance beyond one year, the cost is $595 for an additional year.

You may add the accountability that a coach provides to the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar and Home Study Courses for $595 after you have purchased them and then discovered that you needed a coach to help you get through the courses.

If you feel that you should have a complete overview of my program delivered by me, and then you should be held accountable to complete the Marriage Builders® Home Study Courses that will help you solve all of your marital problems, register for the Marriage Builders® Online Program, by ordering online as shown below or by calling toll-free 1-888-639-1639 (8:00 am to 2:00 pm CT M-F).

At present, the Online Seminar is not accessible with an iPhone or iPad. That problem will be corrected soon.

Once your order has been received, it may take us a few days to provide you access to the online seminar.

The Marriage Builders® Online Program
Includes the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar,
the Marriage Builders® Home Study Courses &
the Marriage Builders® Accountability Program (1 year).

The Marriage Builders® Accountability Program
For those who have already purchased the
Marriage Builders® Home Study Courses or want to
reorder the Accountability Program for another year.

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