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Is the new edition of "Love Busters"
different than earlier editions?

The first edition of Love Busters appeared in 1992 as the sequel to His Needs, Her Needs. Then, I wrote the second edition in 1997 to address some of the problems readers were having with the application of material in the first edition. Now, in 2002, I have completely rewritten and greatly expanded the size of the book to make it a more effective tool in teaching a couple to stop hurting each other. To date, it’s the longest book I’ve written.

The most important changes from earlier editions are as follows:

  1. There is a new introduction that emphasizes the importance of knowing when your behavior adversely affects your spouse, and putting a stop to it. Those I counsel complain about how their spouse is hurting them, but they seem totally unaware of how they are hurting their spouse.
  2. I have placed a greater emphasis on overcoming abuse and control in marriage. They should never be tolerated under any circumstances, and I underscore that fact. The first three Love Busters (demands, disrespect and anger) have been rearranged from the way they were presented in earlier editions so that I could show how they create an escalation of abuse and control.
  3. The category, Annoying Behavior, found in earlier editions has been divided into two separate categories, Annoying Habits and Independent Behavior. So now there are six Love Busters instead of five.
  4. Two chapters are added, “Restoring Love to Your Marriage after Drug or Alcohol Addiction,” and “Restoring Love to Your Marriage after Infidelity.” These two Love Busters are so destructive that many don’t feel it’s possible to restore marriage after the damage they do. But I have proven that once these Love Busters are eliminated, even these marriages can thrive.
  5. There are break-outs throughout the book to help emphasize important points and Key Principles listed at the end of each chapter.
  6. I have written questions for you and your spouse to consider together after you read each chapter. These questions are designed to help you put into motion a plan to eliminate the Love Busters that exist in your marriage.

I make revisions on new printings of Love Busters based on letters I receive from readers. And I assure you, this latest edition will not be the last revision. So if there is something you would like to see changed, be sure to send us your feedback. You may find that the next printing accommodates your concern.

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