His Needs, Her Needs:
Building an Affair-proof Marriage

Fifteenth Anniversary Edition

Is the Fifteenth Anniversary Edition of "His Needs, Her Needs" different than earlier editions?

I have made about 10 revisions of "His Needs, Her Needs" during the past 15 years. Most of the changes were minor, and were designed to clarify points that were unclear to some readers. But this time I have made more changes than ever. The most important are as follows:

  1. A Preface to the Fifteenth Year Anniversary Edition, where I describe why I wrote "His Needs, Her Needs."

  2. A revised first chapter that puts more emphasis on the fact that each spouse must identify their own emotional needs--that I am not trying to identifying needs for any particular husband or wife.

  3. A revised fifth chapter adding an enemy of good conversation (selfish demands), and re-writing the other three.

  4. Including the Recreational Enjoyment Inventory so that those reading chapter 6 don't need to buy another book to complete the assignment I suggest.

  5. Including the Financial Support Inventory for readers of chapter 9 (Financial Support).

  6. Rewriting chapter 10 (Domestic Support) to describe a new and better plan to meet that need.

I make revisions of "His Needs, Her Needs" based on letters I receive from readers. And I assure you, this latest edition will not be the last revision. So if there is something you would like to see changed, be sure to let me know. You may find that the next printing accommodates your concern.


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