Table of Contents

I Promise You
preparing for a marriage that will last a lifetime

1. A Lifetime of Love

Part 1 The Promise of Care

    I Promise to Be Your Primary Source of Happiness -- to Meet Your Most Important Emotional Needs
2. What Is Care?
3. The Most Important Emotional Needs
4. Identifying and Meeting Important Emotional Needs

Part 2 The Promise of Protection

    I Promise to Avoid Being the Source of Your Unhappiness -- to Avoid Love Busters
5. What Is Protection?
6. The Policy of Joint Agreement
7. Identifying and Overcoming Love Busters

Part 3 The Promise of Honesty

    I Promise to Be Honest with You
8. What Is Honesty?
9. Understanding Dishonesty

Part 4 The Promise of Time

    I Promise to Take Time to Give You My Undivided Attention
10. What Is Time?
11. Scheduling Time for Undivided Attention

12. For the Love of Your Life

    Recreational Enjoyment Inventory
    Emotional Needs Questionnaire
    Agreement to Meet the Most Important Emotional Needs
    Love Busters Questionnaire
    Agreement to Overcome Love Busters
    Personal History Questionnaire
    Time for Undivided Attention Worksheet
    Time for Undivided Attention Graph


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