Marriage Insurance:
Building a Divorce-proof Marriage

Marriage Builders<sup>®</sup>' Bookstore: Marriage Insurance Marriage Insurance is comprehensive coverage for protection against divorce. When you apply Dr. Harley's four marriage insurance policies, it will make your marriage divorce-proof.

The book begins by exposing the illusions of marriage that insure marital disaster. Dr. Harley then leads you through the illusion barrier to the realities of marriage. From this new sense of reality, four policies are created to help you and your spouse build a lasting and loving relationship.

In case after case, Dr. Harley shows how violation of his policies has destroyed marriages -- and how following his policies has restored marriages. He focuses attention on some of the most common problems that destroy marriages: friends and relatives, career choices, financial planning, children, sex, drugs and alcohol addiction, infidelity and emotional disorders. Once you learn to apply Dr. Harley's policies to these problems, you are ready to apply them to all the problems that arise in your marriage.

Divorce looms as one of our society's greatest tragedies. No couple can afford to be without Marriage Insurance.

Important Note: This book, published in 1988, is no longer in print or available in bookstores. But many of those who read Marriage Insurance when it was first published still use it today in seminars and workshops, and purchase the remaining available copies of this book directly from Dr. Harley. Although much of the material found in Marriage Insurance was used in Love Busters, there are those who prefer the way it was presented in Marriage Insurance. If you are one of these individuals, you may also purchase copies from the Marriage Builders® Bookstore as long as they last. (Hard Cover - 223 pages)

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