Effective Marriage Counseling

Table of Contents

Part 1   Theory: The Harley Model for Marital Satisfaction

  1. A Simple and Effective Model
  2. The Basic Assumption: The Love Bank
  3. What Does a Good Marriage Counselor Do?
  4. What Is Marriage Coaching?
Part 2   Method: Building Love Bank Balances
  1. Love Bank Deposits for Men
  2. Love Bank Deposits for Women
  3. The Policy of Undivided Attention
  4. Control and Abuse
  5. Dishonesty and Annoying Behavior
  6. Independent Behavior and the Policy of Joint Agreement
Part 3   Application: A Case Study
  1. Intake and Assessment
  2. Treatment
  3. Practice and Discharge
      Appendix A: Love Bank Inventory
      Appendix B: Memorandum of Agreement
      Appendix C: Telephone Counseling


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