I Promise You
preparing for a marriage that will last a lifetime

Marriage Builders<sup>®</sup>' Bookstore: I Promise You Soon you'll be standing before a minister and you'll be asked to repeat very important promises to each other -- promises to love and care for each other, protect each other, and spend the rest of your lives together. You'll make those promises before God, your family, and all who have come to witness your marriage. You'll exchange rings that symbolize your commitment to those promises.
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But when you make them, will you really understand what they mean? And will you keep them every day for the rest of your lives?

Care. Protection. Honesty. Time. These are the four key promises I encourage you to make to each other -- and to keep for a lifetime.

I Promise You walks you through the four key promises, showing you practical ways to make them work in your marriage. Give these gifts to each other, and you will begin your marriage the right way. Continue to give them through all the ups and downs of daily married life, and you will grow in love and compatibility throughout your lifetime together. (Hardcover - 192 pages)

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