Table of Contents

Fall In Love, Stay In Love


Part 1: Setting the Stage

  1. How I Learned to Save Marriages
  2. The Love Bank
  3. Instincts and Habits
Part 2: How to Make Love Bank Deposits
  1. Learning to Care for Each Other
  2. His Emotional Needs
  3. Her Emotional Needs
  4. Identifying and Meeting Important Emotional Needs
  5. The Policy of Undivided Attention
Part 3: How to Avoid Love Bank Withdrawals
  1. Learning to Protect Each Other
  2. Love Busters, Part 1
  3. Love Busters, Part 2
  4. The Policy of Radical Honesty
  5. Identifying and Avoiding Love Busters
Part 4: How to Negotiate in Marriage
  1. The Giver and Taker
  2. States if Mind in Marriage
  3. The Policy of Joint Agreement
  4. Four Guidelines for Successful Negotiation
  5. How to Resolve Everyday Conflicts

  6. Putting It All Together
  1. Summary of My Basic Concepts to Help You Fall in Love and Stay in Love
  2. Emotional Needs Questionnaire
  3. Agreement to Meet the Most Important Emotional Needs
  4. Time for Undivided Attention Worksheet
  5. Time for Undivided Attention Graph
  6. Personal History Questionnaire
  7. Love Busters Questionnaire
  8. Agreement to Overcome Love Busters


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