Table of Contents

His Needs, Her Needs for Parents

1. And Then There Were Three: Are Children a Threat to Your Marriage?

Part I: Romantic Relationships 101

2. Whats Love Got to Do with It? Why Romance Matters
3. Just Between You and Me: Intimate Emotional Needs
4. Love Takes Time: The Policy of Undivided Attention
5. Love Bankruptcy: When Love Busters Break the Bank
6. Declaration of Interdependence: The Policy of Joint Agreement

Part II: A United Approach to Parenting

7. Ready for Kids: Deciding to Expand Your Family
8. Rules of the House: Deciding on Child-Training Goals and Methods
9. The Time Factor: Practicing the Policy of Undivided Attention
10. His Work, Her Work: How to Divide Domestic Responsibilities
11. Parenting Takes Time: How to Be a Committed Mom and Dad

Part III: Special Cases

12. Mixed Families, Blended Lives: From Discord to Harmony
13. Disorder or Gift? How to Deal with AD/HD
14. When Grandma Wont Let Go: Dealing with Intrusive In-Laws
15. Love Is Fragile, Handle with Care: For Lovers Who Are Parents

Appendix A: The Most Important Emotional Needs
Appendix B: Time for Undivided Attention Work Sheet
Appendix C: Time for Undivided Attention Graph


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