Privacy & Security

Concern about security and privacy on the Internet is common and should not be ignored. We would like to take time to explain what we are doing to address these issues.

Using your credit card with Marriage Builders®

Countless reports and studies maintain that you are safer to use your credit card on the Internet than in your typical day-to-day transactions (i.e. gas stations, restaurants, department stores, etc.). Regardless of the reported safety, we continue to take all possible measures to ensure your order is placed by the most secure means available.

The Guarantee

The Fair Credit Billing Act prevents your bank from holding you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. If unauthorized use of your credit card was made through no fault of your own from purchases made through the secured option of the Marriage Builders® Bookstore, Marriage Builders, Inc. will cover up to the full $50.00 liability.

Should unauthorized use of your credit card occur, you must follow the applicable notification procedures outlined with your credit card provider.

Our Secured Server

We use Netscape Secure Commerce Server, which encrypts all information entered.

Once your order has been received, all information is removed from the server and placed in a secured electronic file that is inaccessible from the Internet.

Discreet Packaging

Marriage Builders® sends ALL of our books and tapes in discreet packaging. There is no reference to Marriage Builders® or anything that may jeopardize your right to privacy. Only our return mailing address, not our name, is on our labels. Your privacy concerns are our concerns.

Maintaining Your Privacy

You have our guarantee that our customer list will not be sold, rented, or released ever!

If you have any questions about privacy or security concerns with the Marriage Builders® Bookstore order form, please call us at 1-651-762-8570.

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