Dr. Harley's
Basic Concepts for Marriage

Why do people fall in love?

Why do they fall out of love?

What do they want most in marriage?

How can a bad marriage become a
great marriage?

How can the feeling of romantic love be sustained
throughout a lifetime?

Dr. Harley's Basic Concepts for Marriage - DVD These questions and more are answered in Dr. Harley's DVD, Basic Concepts for Marriage. In less than 2 hours, his successful approach to building a loving marriage is revealed. These concepts have helped millions of marriages throughout the world create and sustain the feeling of romantic love for a lifetime.

The Basic Concepts for Marriage DVD is a great opportunity to better understand Dr. Harley's approach to helping couples learn how to have a mutually enjoyable marriage. In this DVD Dr. Harley explains:

    Caring and Romantic Love
    Emotional Needs
    Love Busters
    Friends and Enemies of Good Conversation
    The Policy of Sexual Exclusivity
    The Policy of Undivided Attention
    The Policy of Radical Honesty
    The Policy of Joint Agreement
    The Four Guidelines for Successful Negotiation

This DVD is a condensed version of the His Needs, Her Needs for Parents video (no longer available). As a "best of" edition, it is a consolidated walkthrough of Dr. Harley's Basic concepts.

If you or your spouse is reluctant to believe that there is a way for your marriage to become great, then this is what you need to better understand the basics of how it can be done.
(run time: 104 minutes - 1 disc)

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Dr. Harley's Basic Concepts for Marriage (DVD)
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